Hello, it’s me, Beth.

Once upon a time (aka high school), I thought I wanted to be an English teacher. I loved to read and write and, in the time before the internet, filled many, many journals full of stories and the usual teenage angst. I became interested in nutrition and health right around the time of college applications and switched my interest to nutrition & dietetics, leaving English and writing in the dust.

In college, I wrote lab reports and chart notes instead of essays and fiction, and as much as I enjoy my field, I always felt the pull of writing.

And so, here I am. That’s where this blog/website/whatever you want to call it comes in. I’ve been a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) for 12+ years and have worked in hospitals, clinics, long-term care, and communications. I plan to use this as an outlet to write on nutrition and healthy lifestyle topics and share some of my favorite recipes. It may evolve into more, but for now — that’s the plan. Thanks for reading!